Detective Duane "Hitch" Hitchenson
Age: 27
DOB: August 13
Occupation: Police Detective/Syndicate Enforcer
Duane grew up in the slums of Toulin's south side, and has experienced firsthand the destructive power of the criminal underground. His coworkers would call him reckless with his job, his safety, and his finances, but fiercely loyal to his friends and a highly capable officer. Despite his sometimes-violent temper and cavalier attitude towards the personal safety of himself and others, he possesses a keen ability to read people, and a level of empathy surprising for an officer of Toulin's southern districts. The only thing that supercedes his desire to protect the innocent and destroy those who would harm them... is his undying loyalty to mob boss Marco Morabito.
Detective Carter Jenkins
Age: 23
DOB: May 9
Occupation: Police Detective
Young and idealistic, Jenkins is a rarity in the southeast district police station. Even his disdainful parents (who had, naturally, always hoped for a doctor, or at least a lawyer) could not manage to strip away any of his quiet enthusiasm for the law. Duane was a good friend to him from a young age, and, being the stronger and more vocal of the two, was happy to help Carter through his first year at the police academy before graduating himself. Duane was also helpful in granting Carter's wish of being transferred to the southern districts where he could do some much-needed good-- and hopefully gain some perspective apart from his upperclass upbringing. The quieter of the two, he is the ever-watchful conscience that occasionally keeps Duane in check.