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Updates & Cast page!

Lately I've been slowly relearning HTML to try and figure out the Smackjeeves layout requirements. I was able to find a pretty sweet layout on the forums, so hey, now the comic pages look much nicer than they did before! Awesome! Chaos on ComicFury has not received as much attention yet, but if all goes well, it will soon have a layout to match this one as best I can.

I've also added a Cast page, where you can find a bit more information about the main characters! So far the images are only placeholders and only Duane and Carter have information filled out, but I figured it would be worth mentioning. The ComicFury layout and cast page for both sites are my top priorities at the moment (aside from making pages), so those will hopefully be up to standard soon!

As always, I'm continually updating the Chaos tumblr with relevant artwork and info that isn't posted here or on SJ, so feel free to check that out if you're curious or have any questions! If you really like the comic and you've got a tumblr, you could also do me a kindness and perhaps reblog something from there, or link Chaos to your friends to get them to read it, too. I'd also like to say another thank-you to the people who leave comments, ratings, and +favs-- I appreciate it a whole bunch. This comic now has 10 fans here on SJ, which is kind of exciting for a newbie like me! Thanks. You're awesome.

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